We find it highly important after that today our main task is to conduct elections and electoral process in a calm environment. The document envisages the assistance between the parties for ensuring the voting process in a peaceful and free environment; additionally, the parties agreed to administer joint trainings and working meetings for successful implementation of considered activities. Information about NGOs funded at the decision of the Grant Competition Committee, under the Grant Competition announced on April 16,can be viewed in Georgian on the following  link. It is noteworthy that as a answer of our joint activities, we achieved great success in the previous year, in when no one of the violent cases were observed on E-day.

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The Election Administration EA supported the process of interviewing for those DEC members willing to ask the contestants for interview en route for receive individual decisions. It is noteworthy, that none of the decisions and relevant ordinances adopted by the DECs on electing the PEC members were appealed by authorized persons within the terms defined by the appointment legislation. We along with the MIA are conducting joint didactic programs. Presidential candidates nominated as a result of initiative groups of voters registered for the October 28, , Presidential Election of Georgia were assigned the following sequence numbers: We find it highly important and today our main assignment is to conduct elections after that electoral process in a appease environment.

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